Dear Diary, Today I Sold My Tokimeki Restaurant For An Idol




Dear Diary,

pic4 pic5

Today I opened my restaurant. It’s just a tiny café at the moment but I really hope there’ll be customers coming in to try my cooking soon! I can’t believe I can decorate my own store the way I want to (within the limited funds I started with, I suppose) and my heart was beating so fast, I decided to call it Tokimeki Restaurant. I think it’s gonna be just great!




Dear Diary,


OMIGOSH! THEY JUST WALKED IN! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S THEM! IT’S 3 MAJESTY! That crazy beautiful idol group. They’re so dreamy… And they really sat down and ordered some food. They seemed to like it too and they talked to me! They talked to me. Oooh I do hope they’ll come back again! They said they would! For some reason the world we live in – a kind of 2.5, 3D imaging, kind of shrank down and became this full on, graphically rich portrait of them… It was like I zoomed in on them and could see those finely sculpted muscles and chiseled good looks moving in tandem with their talking!

Totally over the rainbow,



Dear Diary,

pic1 pic2

The restaurant has been a smashing success. Who knew this special microwave I bought lets me cook all these different foods using just the touch of a finger? It’s a little tougher now that I’m getting so many customers after word spread that 3 Majesty showed up. But it’s… OMIGOSH IS THAT X.I.P. WHO JUST WALKED IN? BE RIGHT BACK.


Dear Diary,

pic8 pic3

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I’m seeing them. ALL of them! They’ve all asked for my number and want to ask me out on dates and stuff! I … I’m dreaming right? I don’t know what they see in me? Maybe they think I’m some amazing cook? I don’t know! It’s getting even harder to manage the restaurant while still finding time to go out with all of them but… I can’t decide! And I can’t seem to hire any more help either! But… hot guys! Me! Hot guys! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ehehehehehehe……. <3 <3 <3 ~~~




Dear Diary,


I’ve decided! He’s the one! The one and only! I told him about the microwave. He doesn’t care. He wants ME! I’m closing this dive down. It’s become a hellhole to run it. And life will be so much better with the two of us married. I can’t wait! Goodbye Tokimeki Restaurant! I’m selling you free of charge to these two partners called iOS and Android. I know you’ll be in good hands! Thanks for all the good times! I love you, I really do, but I love HIM so much more! Bye!!!!


[About five minutes after Eugenia runs off with the darling uploads this post, Ishaan drags him back kicking and screaming.]


What? What do you mean I have to tell everyone a little bit more about what the game’s about? MY DARLING IS WAITING FOR ME! Oh, all right. Tokimeki Restaurant is the latest in the long-running Tokimeki series. In this case, you’re a lady who’s opened a restaurant that will serve customers, rank up, earn money and slowly gain more dishes to cook and so forth.



Putting a wrinkle into affairs of course are the fabulous men who just so happen to be part of world-famous idol groups with totally legit band names like X.I.P and 3 Majesty. Periodically they’ll show up at your shop and if you please them with cooking and service, their affection towards you slowly rises. Eventually they’ll start talking to you, asking you out on dates… the whole skedaddle. There are also quests you will have to undertake to help yourself win the hearts of your intended – or multiple intendeds, if you want to try to pursue everyone at once.