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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Introduces Its Villains



Death Beneath the Labyrinth protagonist Estra will get together with a group of girls to take on four towers in order to bring the world back to normal after it’s been engulfed by darkness. The game’s official website shares a look at some of the villains they’ll face.





Gagarin is a Makai [demon machine] soldier that has fallen into darkness. He has incredible power, and aims to prevent Estra and friends from getting through the towers by sending the “Three Shadows of Darkness” to assault them.


Glenn of Fire:



A Makai soldier who serves under Gagarin as the leader of the Three Shadows of Darkness. He has fire attribute abilities. He speaks with polite words, but he’s also a sarcastic perfectionist. He sends Gordon and Arya to fight Estra and friends to not dirty his own hands.


Gordon of Gold:



A Makai soldier who serves under Gagarin, and a member of the Three Shadows of Darkness, with a gold attribute. He’s a rough character with an impulsive personality. This beefy giant is the first one to go after Estra and friends.


Arya of Water:


2015-04-29_115501 A Makai soldier who serves under Gagarin, and a member of the Three Shadows of Darkness with a water attribute. She speaks using words like a queen, and is always seen with a bewitching smile. She’ll do just about anything, without hesitation, to get rid of Estra and friends.


Death Beneath the Labyrinth will release in Japan sometime in Summer 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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