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Death Come True Release Date Pinned Down to June 25, 2020

death come true release date

Time to find out what’s going on with Makoto Karaki and find out if this amnesiac man trapped in a hotel that’s been told he is a “serial killer” really is a criminal. After teasing people with a June 2020 release window for the FMV game, the Death Come True release date has been confirmed as June 25, 2020.

That wasn’t the only update offered on the official site. Details regarding the price and platforms have been narrowed down. Originally, it was looking like the worldwide release would be 1,900 yen and it would be on every platform at once. Now, the price is 1,960円 (~$18) and the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions will be out first. The PlayStation 4 and PC versions’ debuts will be announced at a later date.

Finally, there’s a new MinoKen TV Shopping trailer looking at Death Come True that’s hosted by Mino Kenichi. If you turn on subtitles, an English translation is available.

As a reminder, Death Come True follows Makoto, who wakes up trapped in a hotel and accused of being a murderer. It’s up to you to learn the truth about everything going on. While the situation is dangerous, Makoto also has the ability to perform “time leaps,” which let him learn more about what happened in the past.

The Nintendo Switch, Android, and Apple iOS Death Come True release date is June 25, 2020. People who want to play the FMV game on the PlayStation 4 or PC will have to wait for a little while longer.

Jenni Lada
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