Death Come True Will Feature the Psychopathic Nene Kurushima, Played By Chihiro Yamamoto


The latest character to be introduced for Death Come True is a psychopath, and she’s named Nene Kurushima.

Nene Kurushima (Chihiro Yamamoto)

An eccentric woman who just happened to be staying at the hotel. She proclaims herself as a big fan of the serial murderer Karaki.

Chihiro Yamamoto is an actress who has appeared in various tokusatsu shows, such as Ultraman Geed, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, and more. She’s also the Japanese voice of Curly Brace in Blade Strangers and Crystal Crisis.

Check out previous character introductions with the protagonistAkane Sachimura, Nozomu Kuji, and the Hotel Concierge.

Death Come True releases in Japan in 2020 with plans for multiple platforms and languages.

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