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Death end re;Quest Introduces “Ludens”, Who Hail From “Strain Area”



Compile Heart’s official website and PlayStation Blog had new information on Death end re;Quest, the new Compile Heart RPG where the goal is to rescue game director Shiina Ninomiya from inside the game that she helped create. They introduced “Ludens”, NPCs who are not characters originally in the game, and instead come from another world.


derq 2 derq 3

As Shiina travels along, she suddenly gets warped through a ‘Dimensional Rift’ bug into a room that is entirely black and white, separate from the game Worlds Odyssey. There she meets a group of individuals who call themselves the “Ludens”, and ask her to teach them what feelings are. These people are not from the game she created.



derq 4

One of “Ludens”, who appeared suddenly within the bug-ridden Worlds Odyssey. She governs over Desire, and while she is the kindest person in “Ludens”, it seemingly partially stems from a patronizing attitude.



derq 5

The only male in “Ludens”, who governs over Fear. He is always fearful of something.



derq 6

A member of “Ludens”, who governs over Pain. Although she is very provocative in speech and action, all of this stems from her wanting to feel pain herself.



derq 7

derq 8

The governor of Killing Intent within “Ludens”. She always has an air of killing intent around her, and continuously engages in meaningless slaughter. She is the least predictable member of “Ludens” and wanders the world in search of new things to kill.


Strain Area

derq 9

The “Strain Area” is the world in which “Ludens” resides. It is another dimension with many doors that are connected to various game worlds. With Ludens’ help, Shiina can easily travel to different parts of the game world.


Other than being able to warp to different areas, Ludens members can help Summon and strengthen the Code Jack battle action. You can also challenge the extra dungeon, ‘Pain Space’, from here.


derq 10

‘Pain Space’ is an extra dungeon under Nova’s control. The deeper you go, the stronger monsters get, but rare items also become more common. Even if you lose, you won’t Game Over, so it’s worth the challenge for confident players.


Strengthening Summons Bugs and Code Jack

code jack

Summons Bugs are a system created by main character Arata in order to support Shiina, utilizing code from defeated Entoma Queens. Ludens has the ability to interfere with the program, and by giving items to Levin he will strengthen Summons Bugs. By giving him Code Fragments, he can also upgrade Code Jack.


Install Genres

Using the ‘Install Genre’ Battle Jack ability after dealing a certain amount of damage, Arata can code in different gameplay types to help damage the bugs even further.


Install Genre: Puzzle

install genre 1

By clearing pieces within a certain amount of actions, damage is dealt to the enemy. By clearing every piece, an extra attack will occur.


Install Genre: Billiards

install genre 2

Eight pockets appear around the battle field. Enemies can be hit like a cue ball, and knocking them into each other causes a chain of damage. By hitting them into the pockets, you can deal additional damage.


Death end re;Quest releases in Japan on March 1, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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