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Death end re;Quest’s Battle System Trailer Details Its Field Bugs, Glitch Style, And More



Compile Heart shared a new trailer for its upcoming RPG Death end re;Quest that focuses on the game’s battle system that will have you fight around “bugs” that can power you up or hurt you.


Death end re;Quest uses a turn-based command battle system. A character can freely move around the battlefield during their turn, and they’ll also have unique ways to attack enemies, so that’ll be important to keep in mind.


The “Tri-Act” system allows you to select three “acts” or moves ahead of time so you can strategize with different abilities according to your situation. Fields have something called “Field Bugs” that increases contamination level and debuffs when touched.


Getting contaminated with bugs isn’t all bad, as a character can enter into a “Glitch Style” form when contaminated enough; however, do keep in mind that if they become too contaminated then they’ll be out of action for a while.


You can get around Field Bugs to avoid getting too contaminated or take advantage of the “Knock-Bug” system that allows you to knock them back along with enemies for additional damage. You can also perform a “Knock Blow” by hitting an enemy towards an ally for a pinball effect to dish out further damage.


Death end re;Quest releases in Japan on March 1, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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