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Death end re;Quest’s “End Quest” Retro-Style Pre-Order Bonus Has Ties To The Main Game


end quest

Previously, we reported that Death end re;Quest would be receiving a Dragon Quest-like pre-order only game called End Quest, and in the latest in the series of gameplay videos the developers play a bit of the game, and talk about the significance of the story and how it fits in with the main game.


End Quest takes place in the world of World Odyssey, before the game glitched out. In the video, we see the NPC characters, including characters who are party members in the main game, follow a mysterious girl . She finds her new friends controlled by mysterious strings, and upon breaking them, she finds herself and her friends in a glitched world.


According to the developers, End Quest will connect to the main game in some manner, including the girl who is the main character of this bonus game. Players can choose to play this game before or after Death end re;Quest, depending on whether they want some questions answered, or whether they want some foreshadowing.


The game is developed by tachi, of Hero & Daughter+ fame.


Here’s the full gameplay video below:


Death end re;Quest will release in Japan on April 12, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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