Death Match Love Comedy Mixes Romance, Death And Laughs All Into One



Even we’re not entirely sure what the latest title by Kemco is about. Death Match Love Comedy, a smartphone game that’ll run you 500yen (About $5) for the first episode, seems to star Yagi Kei, a new freshman at senior high school. He thinks he’s lucked out when two beautiful women confess their love for him as soon as he walks in… after which, he doubles over with a strange hallucination that sees him getting killed in an explosion.


As if that weren’t enough, a pink cat warns him that the next time, “You’ll really die.” This game is apparently, somehow, also a romantic comedy.


Yagi will have to dig  his way to the bottom of the mystery, while fending off womens’ confessions of love—their left arms carrying a strange warning lamp for the poor “Ticking confession time bomb constitution” . There are multiple endings in the game, including choose-your-own-adventure sudden death choices.


You can choose to share your sudden death over Facebook and Twitter as well. There are an additional 5 episodes to buy if you get hooked on the escalating mystery of the weird, slightly sexualized Engrish one can see in the video.


Death Match Love Comedy is out now on both iOS and Android devices.