Death Skid Marks Has Trashy Humor, Chainsaws, And Deadly Driving



    Death Skid Marks is a highly replayable post-apocalyptic car combat game about staying alive during a road trip to the “ultimate music gig.” Think Mad Max meets Spy Hunter. It’ll be available for Windows and Mac later this year.


    Meant as a game to be played during lunch breaks, Death Skid Marks is designed to be very hard, with it getting easier as you replay and upgrade your car and crew. It’s a greasy, argy-bargy type of game in which the trashiest weapons and deadly driving succeed.


    As the bandits and hooligans of this world drive up alongside you with murder in their eyes, you can deal with them in one of two ways: either ram them off the road, or let your crew hit back with hammers, chainsaws, machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers.


    You and your enemies take damage in the same way. Basically, if your car takes too much damage in one spot it blows up, so you have to be careful to avoid being hit at your weakest points. If your driver dies another crew member will take their place. If all your crew dies your car steers off to the side and blows up.


    Each time you play Death Skid Marks the enemies you’ll face are randomly generated. However, some enemies won’t be encountered until later on as you progress into more dangerous territory. It’s not just cars you’ll take on, as there are also robots, suicide bombers, motorcycles, gyrocopters, rocket cars, tanks, harvesters, and 11 unique bosses.


    As said, Death Skid Marks should be coming to Windows and Mac later this year. It has just been Greenlit too, meaning that it should be available on Steam and other online stores when it is released. Check out its website for more details.

    Chris Priestman

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