In Death Story, Your Strength & Abilities Are Tied To Your Health


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In sidescrolling action exploration game Death Story, the player controls a young girl who has inherited Death’s power. This will let her absorb the souls of the dead and use them to fuel her own strength and abilities, but will not protect her from dying herself should she overuse them.




Death has access to over one hundred weapons, as well as the ability to slow time to dynamically dice her enemies and other objects. As she kills her foes, she can drain their souls, gaining health and powering up her weapons. However, taking damage or using her abilities drains souls, and since these double as her health and weapon strength, she will grow weaker as she uses them up, eventually dying.




The game takes players to many different procedurally-generated dungeons and locations, recreating the world each time the player starts the game.




Death Story has begun Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns, with the developer hoping the game will release in Q4 2017.

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