Death Stranding PC Version Will Launch June 2, 2020 With a Half-Life Crossover

death stranding pc release date half life

The Death Stranding PC release date has been revealed. On June 2, 2020, people will find it everywhere. The game will be sold on both the Epic Games Store and Steam, and people will also be able to find retail copies in stores. Some of its special features and a Half-Life collaboration have been revealed as well.

First, the Death Stranding PC and Half-Life connection involves a cosmetic item. The announcement trailer shows Sam Bridges wearing a headcrab. This is a sort of Combine creature that jumps onto people’s heads to attack. These parasites normally leap onto a prone person and then take control of them. (Though, it has been established in Half-Life 2 that these can be kept as pets.)

A few of the other Death Stranding PC-exclusive features were shown in the game’s release date trailer. People with ultra-wide monitors will have a display option that makes it look better for them. In general, higher frame rates will be possible. Finally, there’ll be a new photo mode people can use.

Here’s the full announcement. The moment with Sam and the headcrab is saved for the very end.

Death Stranding is immediately available for the PlayStation 4, and it will come to PCs on June 2, 2020. If you want an even better, albeit spoiler-filled, look at the game, you can see Kojima’s 1917-inspired video.

Jenni Lada
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