Death Stranding Director’s Cut Steam Page Lists a 2022 Release Date

Death Stranding Director's Cut Steam Page Lists a 2022 Release Date

More people will be able to play Death Standing Director’s Cut, as a Steam product page is live for a PC version. The game first appeared as a PS5 exclusive in 2021. While there’s no exact release date for this Death Standing Director’s Cut PC port, it does have a Spring 2022 release window. 505 Games also confirmed that it will appear on Epic Games Store as well.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut first appeared in September 2021. It expanded on the base game. Both quality of life adjustments and new content appear. For example, there are new skeletons to help with stability while traveling. You can work alongside a Buddy Bot, which can carry cargo or Sam. A race track is available. You can take the new Roadster car onto it to try and set speed records.

Some new story-related content appears too. There is now a Ruined Factory Sam can visit. Orders 76, 77, and 78 all deal with it. Once you get into them, you can unlock a new Maser Gun for Sam. The final mission of the three offers new lore.

Death Stranding is available on the PS4 and PC. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is out on the PS5 now and will come to the PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in Spring 2022.

Jenni Lada
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