imageAksys is going all out with the localized version of Deathsmiles. Mega Black Label, an expansion pack that makes Sakura a playable character, adds an extra stage, and level 999 difficulty is on disc.


In Japan, Mega Black Label was released as downloadable content sold for an extra 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15). Recently, Cave put Mega Black Label 1.1 on the Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace. This add-on is an arranged mode with a new super crown and easy access to Bloody Jitterbug. You have to fork out an extra 240 Microsoft Points ($3) for it in Japan.


Live in North America? Then you get it on disc. The build of Deathsmiles I got from Aksys has M.B.L. Ver 1.1 on the menu. I checked in to make sure this wasn’t a beta-only bonus. A representative confirmed with Siliconera, everyone gets Mega Black Label and Mega Black Label 1.1 on disc. Deathsmiles is also cheaper in North America and comes with two tangible bonuses: a slick faceplate and soundtrack CD.

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