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Deception IV’s Updated Version Shows A Hospital Stage With More Silly Traps



While a lot of Deception IV takes place in dungeons with darker settings and all kinds of traps like iron maidens, the upgraded version of the game features a hospital in a modern setting with some silly traps. The latest trailer shows us more in detail.



The video starts out with some deranged nurse telling the new red-haired protagonist of Deception IV: The Other Princess, Vergilie, that she can’t go around dressed the way she is, so she proceeds to start throwing projectiles at her.


Similar to the other present day traps we saw in a recent trailer, the stage has all kinds of traps using objects you could find at a hospital, like a wheelchair that crashes targets into walls… or a cleansing jet water toilet that rockets people into electric fish tanks.


In the next part, Virgilie goes up against a poor sap named Yuichi, who finds himself crashing into hospital devices while trying to attack the girl with a broom. In the end, he  gets strapped down for an unpleasant finish.


You can also see Vergilie directly attacking the nurse, which is a new feature to the series. Deception IV: The Other Princess also adds a new “Quest Mode,” featuring over 100 quests, along with an edit mode called “Deception Studio”.


Deception IV’s updated version will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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