Decide A Child’s Future By How You Raise Her In Ciel Fledge


Ciel Fledge takes players to a grim future where aliens have chased them from Earth and onto floating Arks, tasking them with raising the young survivor of an alien attack for a decade.


Ciel Fledge will have players making all manner of parenting decisions for their new daughter. In the game’s simulation parts, players will pick out lessons, activities, meals, and every other aspect of her daily routine, altering her stats and helping mold her into a specific job and person. Players will be able to watch as these decisions affect who their child grows up to be as the years pass.

Players won’t juts be fiddling with their kid’s stats in menus, but they’ll also watch their child interact with the other people aboard the ark. They can help her make various decisions in her interactions with these characters, and in this dangerous future, some of these decisions could dictate whether some of the girl’s friends and acquaintances survive or not. Likewise, players will have to help their daughter in combat through a real-time puzzle battling system, which can also have some bearing on character survival.


The developers of the Princess Maker 2-inspired Ciel Fledge are currently raising funding on Kickstarter. A demo is also available through and GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
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