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Deciding The Best Way To Dole Out Experience In Trillion: God Of Destruction




Since Trillion: God of Destruction is more like a Princess Maker or Idolmaster game that happens to occasionally have a battle every couple hours, leveling up isn’t the same as in other games. While it has rogue-like qualities, it’s not really a JRPG. Instead, you earn experience in different areas, and these points are doled out in certain increments to increase a character’s more familiar stats.


Here’s how things work, to be a little more exact. The Fury Impact training increases a character’s Aura, Concentration improves Mana, Infinite Imbuing is added to the Spell category, Flame Dodge improves Reflex, Asura Training increases Charm, and Blade Dance adds to Taste. Another category, called Miracle, will eventually be added after a certain point in the story, but don’t worry about that for your first couple Overlords.




When you go to level up a character in the Stat Increase screen, you’ll be presented with a grid. It’ll show your experience pool so far, as well as how many points will be needed from each category to improve a character’s specific stats. In the screenshot below, you’ll see my real first Overlord Candidate, Levia, before I restarted my game due to my bad decisions. At that point in the game, her defense cost 8 Aura, 4 Reflex, and 4 Taste to raise, since it had passed the 200 mark. Prior to that, it would usually cost 4 Aura, 2 Reflex, and 2 Taste. The same goes for Attack. The number of points needed went up as her stats increased, becoming more demanding. Almost every stat requires experience points from multiple categories to level up except Capacity, which only relies on Charm and determines how many Devil Envoys can follow the Overlord into a fight against Mokujin or Trillion.


The first thing I recommend doing after picking an Overlord in Trillion: God of Destruction is checking the Character screen to see her stats. While boosting the health, magic, and speed is essential for every character, you may want to see where their natural advantages and skills lie before building up other stats. Plus, while Capacity is nice, Devil Envoys killed in Trillion fights are gone for good, so you probably won’t need to start seriously investing in Capacity until your third or fourth Overlord. Save those Charm experience points for other stats, like Attack.




Take my first three Overlord experiences as an example. None of them learned any magic spell skills. They all had physical attacks. So, I didn’t waste any experience points in Intelligence for them. Any points I would have put there went into Resistance instead. One of Mammon’s best stats, when she started out, was Speed. So, I encouraged that stat’s growth. Levia always had rather high Defense to fall back on. Perpell was big on Attack and Magic power, despite never randomly developing any special attack skills or spells beyond Fissure during our time together. (You can spend points on passive and active abilities in the leveling section, but for the first few it’s okay to rely on skills that are doled out from events.) I ended up liking Perpell better as a warrior, because it’s more about being speedy enough to not be hit during a Trillion.


Also, once you’re on your second or third Overlord Candidate, go ahead and start focusing on Training that you know will be helpful for your specific stats. Trillion: God of Destruction is the sort of game where you might want to keep a notepad handy. Mark down which stats you need to focus on for that character, and try to focus only on those activities. Yes, be sure to prioritize ones where another character or two may also be training, but stick to a more strict regimen once you reach a point where an Overlord might start having a real shot against Trillion.




Don’t be afraid to leave unused points behind either. Just because you have enough points to improve a stat doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t panic, because Trillion’s at your door. You can always retreat, take a few more Cycles to prepare, and you’ll be glad you had that reservoir of extra experience behind when you do.


Of course, you’ll surely come up with your own strategies. Trillion: God of Destruction is one of those games where many will probably learn the most by actually playing. It’s only then that you’ll discover strategies and stat combinations that work well for you. Just remember to never, ever neglect a character’s Attack or Speed stats and, once you get to your third Overlord or so, to start really investing in at least two Devil Envoys to accompany them in battles.


Trillion: God of Destruction will come to the PlayStation Vita in North America on March 29, 2016 and Europe on April 1, 2016.

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