Defeat Cybernetic Forces In A Battle Over A Ruined Earth In This Metroidvania


Evil Genome takes players to the remains of Earth, long burnt-out from mass extinctions and world wars, using their blade and guns to clear out the factions of powerful cyborgs and brutal mutants that are swabbling over the remains.


Players control Lachesis, a warrior heroine who can use melee or ranged attacks against the various mechanical foes that stand in her way. These abilities will grow stronger over the course of the game, with a levelling system letting players customize which abilities get stronger, steadily developing their own play style for the game’s fast-paced, acrobatic combat.

Lachesis will be putting her abilities to use against several factions, each with their own types of enemies to throw against her. Each is also controlled by a single powerful human, mutant, or cyborg that will challenge Lachesis, doing so with some extended boss fights against huge creatures or agile people who can keep up with Lachesis’ own speed.


Evil Genome is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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