Defend Video Games In Action Platformer Parody Apocalypse Cow



In action platformer parody Apocalypse Cow, the creation of the Anima Rift brings the VideoVerse to life, enabling people to enter the worlds of movies and video games to defend them.


Those who prove to be skilled defenders are able to become agents for SHIELDD (Somewhat Heroic Insiders Establishing Life’s Defense Department). You play as Penny, one of these agents and a lover of AAA games, but to her dismay she has been assigned to patrol older games as a low-level agent.


But then “something dark and ominous” happens, and she is thrust into an action-packed adventure. That’s where you come in, having to blast up video game characters in order to save, well, video games.



Penny dual-wields pistols and has acrobatic abilities so that she can jump up walls and flip off them. You’re also able to enter slow motion to better appreciate the blood, explosions, and mayhem of the scene – it also helps with dodging incoming bullets.


Apocalypse Cow has recently been Greenlit and will be coming to PC hopefully by the end of the year. There’s more information on its website.

Chris Priestman