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Degica Games Is Localizing Another Nurse Love Game, Nurse Love Syndrome




Back in 2016, Degica Games brought Nurse Love Addiction, a game about a young woman named Asuka who entered The Imperial Capital Nursing Technical School to become a nurse (and perhaps find love with one of her classmates). Now, another installment in the series is leaving Japan. Nurse Love Syndrome will arrive on the PlayStation Vita and PC in April 2019.


Nurse Love Syndrome follows Kaori, a young woman as determined to become a nurse as Asuka was. She almost died after being in a car accident when she was 10, which made her want to help others. Now, she’s at Yurigahama Hospital and has a chance to live out her dream. Which might prove to be the perfect career for her, since she has “healing hands” that take away people’s pain when she touches them. There will also be multiple opportunities for Kaori to interact with and maybe find love with the people around her, like Hatsumi, the head nurse, Nagisa, who was ahead of her in nursing school, and Yasuko, a veteran nurse at the hospital.


However, take care. While Nurse Love Syndrome takes place in a colorful, pastel world, there is is more than meets the eye here. People who went through the original Nurse Love Addiction will know it has some definite twists and turns. The sequel could offer similar situations.


Here is the first Nurse Love Syndrome English trailer.


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Nurse Love Syndrome will come to the PlayStation Vita and PC in April 2019. It originally appeared on the PlayStation Portable and PC in Japan.

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