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Dekamori Senran Kagura Cooks Up Its Third Wave Of DLC Costumes



    Dekamori Senran Kagura’s second set of DLC had a lot of sweet stuff going on, but this third one mixes things up with a cave-woman set. Famitsu shares a look at the game’s latest DLC treats.


    Here’s a look at the third batch of DLC costumes and accessories, that range from cute to pretty strange:


    l_537d83b892d9b Traditional Asian dress.

    l_537d83b9587e4 l_537d83b97740f

    Pareo swimsuit.


    Cave-woman outfit.

    Each costume shown in the above images is sold at 300 yen apiece, including a special set of all three for 900 yen.

    l_537d83b93a387 l_537d83b9d250c

    The above is a look at the Donut Balloon and Yagyuu’s Squid accessory pieces.


    …and I don’t know what this one is supposed to be, but let’s call it the dog-nosed-candy-on-a-stick-with-a-cake-hat-and-cookies look.


    The accessories go for anywhere between 50 to 100 yen, or in a set for all 10 varieties for 350 yen.


    Dekamori Senran Kagura is currently available for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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