Delays? The Show Goes On With Love Live English Music Game



Can’t wait till August’s  delayed Vita Love Live! titles? There’s now a mobile version for Love Live! music game fans in Love Live! School Idol Festival.



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Players can form their own μ’s (Pronounced “Muse”) bands with the various members of the troupe, before belting out tunes in the rhythm section. This works by tapping on the idols as the marker crosses their portraits. As idols level up, they’ll also perform better.

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There will also be story chapters to follow, with regular updates adding more—and more girls. The tales have been translated into English, but voiceovers are still in Japanese.


Love Live! School Idol Festival is out now on iOS and Android. The Vita game, Love Live! School Idol Paradise is only coming out this August.


Thanks, Mircea Purdea!