Demo For Tactical, Turn-Based Mecha Game Dual Gear To Release On Steam This Month



An updated version of tactical, turn-based mecha game Dual Gear’s alpha build demo will be released on Steam this month after the game was Greenlit within 9 days.




Inspired by Front Mission, Dual Gear puts players in control of a squad of mechs, each customized with specific parts to the player’s liking. There are various options for cameras, limbs, weaponry, cockpits, and pilots, and each individual piece carries benefits and consequences for the mech’s overall performance.




As mechs move in real time, they can be attacked by enemies, but when the player stops and stands still, their own attack options become available. These are dependent on the weaponry that is equipped, and will also draw on Action Points (AP) and Generator Output (GP) to dictate whether a move can be used. Players must watch these two point systems as they choose battle tactics and maneuver each mech in their squad.




Mechs must also be brought into battle using a player-customized carrier depending on the location of the action (space, sea, land), with superior carriers allowing transport of larger squads.




An earlier build of the Alpha Demo is currently available from Dual Gear’s website, but access is tied into making a donation to their IndieGoGo campaign.

Alistair Wong
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