PlayStation Vita

Demon Gaze 2 Is Releasing Earlier In Japan By Two Weeks On September 29, 2016



We often hear about delays in games lately, but on the rare occasion publishers move up the release date by a couple weeks. This is the case with Kadokawa Games and Demon Gaze 2 for PS Vita.


Demon Gaze 2 was previously announced as an October 13 release, but this has been changed to September 29. Kadokawa says the reason for the earlier-than-expected release date a is so that fans can get to play it out as soon as possible. Hmm, perhaps the delay of Final Fantasy XV also had something to do with it.


Additionally, the publishers shared a look at an updated version of the most recent trailer:



Demon Gaze 2 releases in Japan on September 29, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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