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Demon Gaze 2 To Release In Japan In Fall 2016 For PS Vita With More Story and New Characters



Kadokawa Games and Experience announced that Demon Gaze 2 will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation Vita. This week’s Japanese video game magazines provide us with more details. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The first thing that’s noted is that the scale of the story will be vastly powered up compared to the first Demon Gaze. The stage is set in Asteria, a city-state surrounded by the ocean. It started out as a small town, but after the inn/bar called Stella’s became a big hit, the development of Asteria rapidly grew.


Signa and the others, who grew up as orphans, put together a group of revolutionaries in order to find their foster mother that has gone missing. Suspicious of those who rule Asteria, they plan to start a revolution in the city-state.


Signa (New Demon Gazer): Has a mysterious power called the “Evil Eye.” After being kidnapped by the unknown, he has gained powers of the evil eyes.


Muset (Stella’s manager): Signa’s childhood friend and a young leader of the revolutionaries.


Prim the Songstress: A songstress who works at Stella’s, and also Muset’s younger sister.


Returning characters from Demon Gaze include Prometh, Cassel


As for the Demons of the new generations, they say that a new generation of demons have appeared after several years from the first game have passed. These new demons, named after constellations, come in demon and human forms. By combining their powers with that of a Demon Gazer’s, they can unlock completely new battle styles. There are new categories of Demons that didn’t exist in the previous game, such as the “Demon Songstress.”


The Treasure Hunting Circle, auto-pilot, and other features from the previous game that were well-liked will also be in Demon Gaze 2.


Demon Gaze 2 will release in Japan for PlayStation Vita in fall 2016.

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