Demon Gaze Developer Working On Another Dungeon RPG Aimed Towards Older Fans



Experience celebrated the upcoming release of Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity during a live event edition of their web show “EXP Channel”, where they announced a new dungeon crawling project that is currently in the works.


During the event, they talked a bit about their “DRPG Progress” or The Stranger In Alda for Xbox 360 and PC, that was announced last year. Experience were rather quiet in regards of its contents and features, but according to director Motoya Ataka, it is currently nearing the middle stage of development and the music is about 80% complete. The development has been slightly delayed due to some hurdles, but Ataka is eager to work on the game which is expected to be released this year.



In addition to the mentioned project, Experience have announced a new one that is currently in the works. The new title will be announced soon and it will have a core system that appeals to the older fans of dungeon crawling RPGs, similar to The Stranger In Alda.


Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity is slated to be released on April 25th for PlayStation Vita.

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