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Land of No Night Protagonist Gives Us A Lesson On Demon Subordinates



Land of No Night protagonist Arnath has the ability to transform into different forms to take out her enemies, but she’ll need plenty of help from demon subordinates called Servans. The latest video shows us a little more about her little buddies.


The video starts out with the little fairy Servan saying that she wants to go to the amusement park, and the wooden golem appears saying that it wants to visit the forest. Since Arnath agreed to both, she doesn’t know which one to go to.


It’s pretty interesting seeing how Arnath interacts with them as her friends, rather than just fighting partners, so we’ll likely see some interesting developments between her and the Servans in Land of No Night.


A professor appears, and unlike the Servans, he’s not there to play. This time, he’s here to teach us a little bit about the demon subordinates. Starting with the little fairy named Raune.


Fairies are made of elements and nature, and Raune will be there to support but isn’t the strongest of Servans, so you’ll want to be careful or she’ll get knocked out. The Wood Golem, on the other hand, is another nature-based Servan. It has a large body with high defense and health, and they’re good at helping friends that are in a pinch.


Gust also shared a look at the latest trailer, where we get to see more of the drama that unfolds between Arnath and Rulitis in Land of No Night. You can read the latest on the game and some of the characters shown in the video in our earlier report.


Land of No Night will release in Japan on September 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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