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Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition Includes Extra Equipment and Souls

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As you might expect, there won’t just be a Demon’s Souls standard edition. Sony updated its official product listing for the game for both the United States and Great Britain. In each region, a Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for $20 more. That brings the price up to $89.99/£89.99 per copy. Pre-ordering adds a Reaper Scythe to the array of in-game goodies.

Almost all of the extra items are in-game ones that might aid a person on their adventure. Two are armor sets. There’s the Boletarian Royalty Armor, which might help someone fit right in when they visit the Boletarian Palace. You could also don the Red-Eye Knight Armor, which seems inspired by the enemy of the same name. There’s a Hoplite Shield, which again looks like it might be similar to the one that enemy carries, and a Ritual Blade to wield too. You also get a Ring of Longevity.

As for the consumable items, here’s the full list of other extras. (As a reminder, an item like the Legendary Hero Soul gave people 10,000 souls in the original game.)

  • Bearbug Grains
  • Large Hardstone Shard
  • Legendary Hero Soul
  • Moonlightstone Shard
  • Phosphorescent Grains
  • Preservation Grains
  • Renowned Warrior Soul
  • Storied Warrior Soul

The one bonus in this Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition you get that isn’t something you’ll use in-game is a copy of the soundtrack.

demon's souls digital deluxe edition bonuses

Demon’s Souls is a PlayStation 5 launch game. It will be out in Australia, Japan, North America, and South Korea on November 12, 2020. It will appear in worldwide on November 19, 2020.

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