Dengeki PlayStation to End its Regular Publication After Volume 686

Dengeki PlayStation

Dengeki announced that after Vol. 686 of Dengeki PlayStation, which releases March 28, it will end the regular publication of the magazine.

Dengeki PlayStation sort of made its debut in a December issue of Dengeki G’s magazine in December 1994. That was also the same month the original PlayStation released in Japan. However, it started as its own independent magazine published monthly called Dengeki PlayStation in June 1995. A year later it went with a publication schedule of twice a month which is what they stuck with for a number of years.

In recent years, Dengeki has been active with articles on Dengeki Online and on YouTube with livestreams such as the Dengeki Online ch. The magazine continued its bi-monthly publication until its change back to monthly publication in July 2018. However, due to the change in the state of affairs surrounding media such as magazines, the change in video game announcements, along with various other factors, the company decided that it will end regular publications, altogether.

That said, while the regular publication of Dengeki PlayStation will end, the magazine will still have irregular publications. This includes special issues and “mooks” or magazine books. Everything on the website at Dengeki Online will remain the same.

Dengeki is also collaborating with Famitsu for their own Game Award show which will take place in April.

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