Depth Of Extinction Offers Turn-Based Tactical Shootouts In A Flooded World


Depth of Extinction, a tactical turn-based RPG inspired by X-Com and Fallout, will have players wandering a flooded post-apocalyptic world, fighting pirates, raiders, and androids while trying to keep order.


Players act as a member of the Republic, the last bastion of order in the world, and are working to fight various enemy factions across the globe. To do that, players will hire various mercenaries, each with their own powers and classes, and send them out to various locations across the globe. There, they will fight on procedurally-generated maps and through randomly generated situations, dealing with whatever the game throws at them.

Combat is turn-based, and positioning and cover is just as important as the abilities each character has. Standing out of cover in the middle of a shootout is extremely dangerous, so players will have to decide when it’s safest to move around and close in on the enemy. Should players foolishly get a character killed, they’ll stay dead, but living characters will grow in strength as they win fights. They’ll also likely find new weapons and armor, giving them better fighting options for the next battle.


Depth of Extinction will release in February 2018, according to its Steam Page.

Alistair Wong
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