Design Quests And Hire The Right Adventurers For Them In The Quest Giver


For someone who’s a little too old to save the world, there’s still hope to help out through running a guild and hiring the right heroes to fix things in The Quest Giver.


This simulation gives players the tools they need to save the world from behind a desk. Players are tasked with going to city hall, looking through the problems people have posted there, and then designing quests that will help deal with that issue. If people are complaining about orcs or kobolds, players can create a quest designed around killing those foes. Not all of these problems are straightforward, though, so  players may have to get creative with their quest design to help people.

Once a quest is designed, players need to hire heroes to solve it. Some enemies may only be weak to certain weapon types, so choosing the correct hero (out of twenty-five possible classes) for the job will be key. Some heroes only respond when the player has the right equipment to offer, though, so players will need to acquire weapons and tools with their supply of funds (donated daily from the local government) to get them interested in helping out.


As players help towns folk or banish evil, they’ll gain Prestige Points that players need to have earned in order to keep up their funding from the government. Still, prestige doesn’t let players buy equipment or upgrade their guild, so they can send adventurers out to find resources, valuables, and information on enemies and areas to do so. It will be up to the player to decide if they have the time/resources to accomplish these side tasks and become more powerful.

As players work through the small problems of the people, they will also find an overarching story of more powerful evil, dealing with the beings the player’s character is no longer strong enough to take on. How they reach the story’s conclusion will differ each time, as the game randomizes many elements of its world, items, and characters the player comes across, making each playthrough different.


The Quest Giver is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

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