Desktop Dungeons Gets A Free Enhanced Edition That Adds Daily Challenges And More



QCF Design has released the Enhanced Edition of Desktop Dungeons as a free expansion to those who own the game on Steam, GOG, and through the Humble Store.


The Enhanced Edition came about due to the new features that the team added when working on the tablet version of Desktop Dungeons. It adds new classes that QCF says “create fascinating interactions and quests that push your thinking in how to deal with them.” It also has parts of the new streamlined interface that was primarily developed for use with touchscreens, but has benefits on desktop too. There’s also an optimization overhaul.


Lastly, there’s a new building in the game that houses Daily Challenges. “You’ll be able to pit yourself against your friends with this seeded adventure each day,” QCF revealed. “The daily expedition preparation choices also allow you to play with combinations that you might not actually be able to have in the game and select multiple preparations from the same building.”



QCF also notes that while you’ll only be able to play the Daily Challenge once per day (it’s reset at midnight GMT) you will be able to have another go on your iPad or Android tablet as the seed on PC is different from the one generated on tablets.


Lastly, QCF said that the tablet version of Desktop Dungeons will be along shortly. It’s a full one-to-one port of the game, albeit with that new streamlined interface mentioned earlier. It’ll also synchronize with your cloud-saved kingdom so you don’t have to lose progress across platforms if you don’t want to.

Chris Priestman