Despite A Failed Kickstarter, Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ Isn’t Dead Yet


The ex-NIS America staffers over at Mr. Tired Media isn’t giving up yet. Despite the failed Kickstarter for its visual novel and first-person dungeon crawler hybridUndead Darlings ~no cure for love~, the team fully intends to see it through to completion.


The reason for refusing to give up is due to the stats that the team sees across various online channels. In a recent blog, the team shares the game’s stats on Greenlight, showing how much enthusiasm it managed to achieve in just seven days – over 2,000 “Yes” votes.


“Based on this data and evaluating it against our Kickstarter’s final tally, we came to the conclusion that fans want this game, and they want it more than most other offerings on Greenlight,” writes the studio.


The team also speculates that the reason the Kickstarter failed was probably due to it lacking the visual polish that would-be fans wanted to see. But it notes that the core concept of Undead Darlings is certainly something people are clamoring for, or so the stats and feedback shows.


What does all this mean? Mr. Tired Media will continue working on the game, and it’s suggested that another crowdfunding attempt could happen in the future as the team doesn’t want to compromise its vision by getting help from another company.


For now, the team is doing “what must be done outside of Mr. Tired so that [they] can afford to survive,” which probably means doing part-time work as well as working on Undead Darlings.

Chris Priestman