Destiny Chronicles Developers Talk More About Its Kingdom Hearts-Like Combat



Destiny Chronicles will let players take on the role of Celeste, a squire out to prove herself after a thief botches her initiation. However, she’ll soon find that things are not as clear-cut as she thought they would be, coming across secret, dangerous plots, but luckily, friendship and companionship as well.

Along the way, she’ll face danger in what the developers describe as “fast-paced action combat system like that of Kingdom Hearts”, so Siliconera reached out to the developer to learn a bit more about what that combat entailed, as well as how Celeste will become better friends with the companions she meets along the way.


You mention that Destiny Chronicles will feature Kingdom Hearts-like combat. Can you go into a bit more detail on how combat will be handled?

Regarding the combat in Destiny Chronicles, we’re aiming for a hack and slash type of combat system where the player can choose between a melee or ranged combat style for Celeste. As the story progresses, more skills will be unlocked and the player will be able to select about 6-9 active skills. We want the player to be free to choose the kind of playstyle they want to use against their enemies.

Timing in the combat system is also one of the mechanics that we would like to work on, especially during boss fights. The player will have to dodge attacks by rolling, break the boss’s shield, or guard against attacks, with precise timing. In terms of Kingdom Hearts, it’s probably closest to the basic combat system of the original game, though without the menu.

Celeste will be travelling with some companions. Will players be able to use them in combat as well? What will these other characters be doing in a fight

Ruby and Valana will fight alongside Celeste as AI-controlled party members, and they will act as combat support. The player will be able to customize the AI’s combat style and actions to suit their playstyle. Some skills can also be assigned to a key, allowing the player to order their party members to use these skills during battle for greater control and strategy.


Celeste will have a customization tree of abilities. What sort of powers will she have, and how will these suit different player styles?

Celeste will have powers ranging from melee sword skills to magical skills. Sword skills will lean closer to a melee playstyle, while magic skills will lean closer to a ranged playstyle.

Melee Talent Tree – Enhances Celeste’s skills as a knight, unlocking special physical attacks and improved physical stats.

Magic Talent Tree – Unlocks Celeste’s innate magical prowess, granting her access to new magical skills and boosted magical capabilities.


Endurance Talent Tree – Boosts Celeste’s general capabilities, making her more nimble and able to survive longer in combat.

What sort of creatures will players be battling across the Kingdom of Darencia? What sort of behaviors and powers will these creatures have in a fight?

Darencia is home to many monsters. Some are wild animals, while others are creatures corrupted by the power of ancient artifacts. They will have their own combat behaviors, but we haven’t created specific enemies yet aside from the placeholder enemies used for our battle demonstrations. Of course, Celeste might find herself up against human foes, too…


Players can grow their friendships with the other characters through optional dialogues. Will these growing friendships give the player any sort of bonus, or have an effect on the story?

These optional conversations will contribute to character development and help the player learn more about their party members. Think of something like the skits in the Tales series. At the moment, we have no plans for these conversations to affect the gameplay or change the story.

What sort of thoughts go into making players want to bond with your characters? In making them care about the party members they travel with?

When it comes to making players care about the characters, the most important thing is to make the characters feel like people, not just tropes or plot devices. That’s why we’re working to give each of the main characters a fleshed out backstory, sympathetic motivations, and developed personalities. Optional conversations and character development should help players to get to know these characters and become attached to them.

It says that the world is affected by its past. How will players see that past reflected in the world of the present? How do you show that with the environments?

In addition to the towns in Darencia, players will also encounter ancient ruins throughout the world. These ruins were left behind by a civilization that has long since crumbled. This civilization’s legacy plays an important role in the world of Destiny Chronicles, and learning the secrets of the past might prove vital to Celeste’s present-day quest.

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