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Destiny Connect Details Mysterious Boy Alterna, Isaac’s Outlaw And Champion Forms, And More


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Nippon Ichi has released info on mysterious boy Alterna and genius scientist Prof. Cheatstein, two more forms for Isaac, as well as how party management works and what role each character plays in the party. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]




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The boy who saves Sherry and Pegreo from the evil mecha in 1999 Clockney. He’s a bit cold and mysterious, and seems to know more about the incident in 2000.


Prof. Cheatstein

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The self-proclaimed “genius scientist” who lives on the edge of town. He’s one of the few survivors not affected in 2000. He’s the one who deduces that the cause of the incident comes from the past, and asks Sherry to save the town.


Party Formation

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In battles in Destiny Connect, players will have to form a party of up to three active members – Isaac plus two human characters. That said, those on the bench will still gain experience.



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Each character has different skills that they can use, and utilizing Isaac’s form change, there are many ways to create your own playstyle. Skills use SP, which recharges every turn and can be held for up to a maximum of 300%.



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Sherry has elemental skills and healing skills from the very beginning of the game, making her quite valuable. Her health and attack aren’t that high, but she’s a jack of all trades who can be useful anytime.


Skill: Bolt Shot

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A special attack that does elemental damage to one target.



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Pegreo has skills that inflict damage and status ailments to enemies. Perhaps because he uses his own inventions, his skills are tricky to use, sometimes having random damage or activation requirements.


Skill: Backpack Attack

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Does random damage to all enemies.



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Truth can learn skills to weaken enemies or imbue elements into ally attacks. He doesn’t have many skills that do direct damage, so he’ll need a partner to work alongside in battle.


Skill: Ambience

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Increases all allies’ speed.



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A full-on attacker who has high-damage attacks and self-buffing skills. He can’t support teammates well but can reliably take down enemies.


Skill: Freezing Attack

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Ice element attack to a single target.



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Isaac has many forms, each with different stats and skills. Use the right one to your advantage in battle!


Skill: Fire Barrier

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A skill in Guardian Form which lowers fire damage via a shield.


Outlaw Form

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A sniper who has high accuracy and speed. It can use the skills Bullet Rain, which hits all enemies with a shower of bullets, and Lucky Shot, which increases EXP if it does the final hit.


Champion Form

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A speedy fighter who dances like a butterfly but stings like a bee. This form has high avoid and attack, but lower defense. Using Corkscrew, Isaac has a chance of stunning enemies. With Energy Fist, Isaac attacks one enemy while ignoring their defense.


Costume Change

Sherry has 21 different costumes that can be earned in-game by collecting water nitrate balls scattered around town. Here are a few of them, including the marines’ outfit, Western outfit, Sherlock outfit, Cheer outfit, and Gothic lolita outfit.


Check out the screenshots below:

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Destiny Connect releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 14, 2019. Check out its second trailer here.

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