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Destiny Connect Trailer Looks At Isaac’s Forms And Sherry’s Costumes


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In Destiny Connect, people will be able to change the way the heroine, Sherry, and her robotic friend, Isaac, look. In the case of the former, people can collect Water Orbs to trade for 21 costumes that offer a purely cosmetic change. However, Isaac’s six forms change his appearance, stats, and skillset. A new trailer shows exactly how this all works.


Isaac’s various forms are detailed on the official Destiny Connect website. His normal look is called Guardian Form, and it is a tank role. He can use Radiant Beam to attack enemies or Fortress to increase the party’s defense. Champion Form is his fastest attacking roll, and it turns him into a boxer. It has a Corkscrew punch that can deal damage and stun, while Energy Fist gets through defenses to deal damage. Outlaw Form is one focused on attacking, as its Bullet Rain attacks all enemies and Lucky Shot hits one enemy and perhaps provides extra experience. Rescue Form transforms him to what looks like a firefighter. When he is in this role, he can decrease enemies’ attacks with Safety First or heal the party with Medical Shower. The last revealed form, Samurai, has the highest attack and can use double attacks and Dragon Slash spins. However, this is a glass cannon role that may have trouble landing its attacks.


Here is NIS America’s latest Destiny Connect trailer.



Destiny Connect is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan. It will come to North America on October 22, 2019, Europe on October 25, 2019, and Oceania on November 1, 2019.

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