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Destiny Connect Welcomes You To The Gear Town Clockney And Its Culture


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Destiny Connect’s official website has new details on the characters you’ll play as in the game, and Nippon Ichi has also explained how the game is played.




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A girl who lives in Clockney. During the New Year celebrations, she encountered the strange occurrence of time stopping in the town. She’s always curious and very proactive.

“Oh my gosh…!! This is as amazing as it can get!!”



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A mecha found by Sherry in Papa’s room. It has the ability to time travel. It says that Papa is a close friend of it, but its memories are hazy because it’s missing parts.

“I was created in order to protect you. Now please hold my hand, young girl.”



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A boy who’s quite adept at tinkering with machinery. He’s knowledgeable, but is quite reluctant and worries a lot. He’s always at the mercy of Sherry’s whims.



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There must be a reason Clockney has been affected by this strange condition. In order to return Clockney in the year 2000 to normal, you’ll need to search for information in the past and the future. You’ll sometimes need to sneak into places you aren’t supposed to be in and fight against the hostile machinery that begins to appear after time stops in Clockney.


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Here is Clockney 30 years in the past. Will you be able to find a way to resolve current Clockney’s crisis?


Battle Systems

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Destiny Connect is a command-based RPG with symbol encounters. Your party and enemies will act in order of their speed. You can see the order in which characters will act on the left side of the screen.

You’ll need to search the town and the insides of buildings. When you touch an enemy symbol, a battle will start. Sometimes, enemies will move in succession, so pay attention to your HP so you don’t get wiped out.


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Sherry and the others can learn skills to heal HP, block enemy actions, or deal a great amount of damage to enemies. Take advantage of their character types. You can also use some items to strengthen skills.


The Town

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Welcome to Clockney! Here’s a look at the town’s culture and landmarks.


Clockney’s Culture

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People in Clockney believe that souls will come to inhabit objects that have been well-used and treated preciously. Because of this, the inhabitants have a habit of continuing to use older items despite their age.


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Clockney is well-known for its unique gear technology that is used in all of its machinery. Electronics and toys that use this technology are known as gear products. Because of the aforementioned culture of using things for a long time, these gear products are repaired and customized quite often using Clockney’s developed skills.


Save The Queen

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The town symbol is Save The Queen, a giant department store that sells everything from electric appliances to fresh food, household items, and more. It’s beloved by all the citizens of Clockney and has supported the development of the town for many years. There’s a sale going on at Save The Queen right now, in commemoration of its 1000th founding anniversary!


Café Blossom

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A nice café where those weary from walking around town come to rest. You can order a nice coffee and sweets here. The owner, Linda, serves absolutely delectable cherry pie, and the interior offers a calming retro aesthetic.


Backfahren Collectables

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A repair shop that is dedicated to maintaining machinery. You can fix and customize gear products by coming here. Feel free to come here for any machinery-related troubles.



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You can customize Isaac by bringing him to Backfahren Collectables. By installing gears, you can increase Isaac’s abilities and change its battle style.


Check out a prologue written by Sherry herself in our previous report here.


Destiny Connect releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019. It’ll go for 7,776 yen.

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