Sony’s free-to-play Vita game Destiny of Spirits is celebrating its half-a-million download mark. As part of the festivities, those who missed out on special earlier collaboration spirits can get them again from July 31st till August 12th.



These are special crossover characters from Knack, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Gravity Rush and Doko Demo Issyo. Patapon limited summons are also back till the 20th of August.


Destiny of Spirits is a semi-geographical game. Depending on where you play from, different spirits will be available to summon. Those in Japan, for example, get oni demons.



As part of the celebration there will also be a special Friends in Need raid event, where you’ll be able to save Tsukuyomi in Japan, Iyatiku in the US and Verdandi in the EU. You will, however, have to go through these enemies below… Yes, one of them is holding what appears to be a box of fries.



14588910469_ab895fda66_o 14589089767_26fa175a9e_o

During the celebration period, supporter rental costs are also 80% off and a 20% sale on Destiny Orbs. Finally, if you’re headed to Gamescom, Destiny of Spirits will also have a special geo-local spirit to capture. The Super Rare Ouranos spirit below.




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