Destroy The Giant Robot Malware On Your Parents’ Computer In Exception



Traxmaster Software has a question for you: “Ever wonder what goes on inside your parents’ toolbar and virus infested computer?” Probably not, BUT, given the chance, would you rid the malware on your parents’ PC – that’s what Exception is all about, apparently.


It’s a 2.5D platformer in which you join the fight to defend against the viruses that your foolish parents keep unknowingly letting into the system of their PC. Imagine being shrunk down to a mini virtual person and jumping in through the monitor.


Exception’s most eye-catching feature is the way the levels flip and rotate as you pass through them. There are hundreds of levels for you to battle and jump your way through, all complete with a wonderful neon glow and complete with scanlines.



Along the way you’ll meet dozens of different viruses (many of which seem to robots of various sizes firing lasers and charging at you) that can be attacked with your ninja-like skills or completely avoided as you try to speed through the levels. Luckily, Traxmaster says it has focused on nailing the controls, so that they offer “responsive, precise movement.”


Exception looks like it will be worth a look if you’re into fast-paced platformers that can run on low-end systems and come with an aesthetic that seems derivative of the 1980’s take on virtual reality. It will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2015.

Chris Priestman