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Destroyer Trillion Character Designer Shares His Thoughts On His Work For The Game



After a few delays, Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG, Destroyer Trillion has finally gotten the release date of July 23. While fans wait for the staff to put the finishing touch in the game’s development, Idea Factory character designer Kei Nanameda shares his thoughts on his work for the game on the official website.


Kei Nanameda starts out by sharing his impression on Destroyer Trillion.


“I was shocked by the concept of ‘all the heroines will die’,” says Nanameda. “They’re not just disposable chess pieces either, as you have feelings for each and every one of them, and they must be sacrificed. ‘Th-this is going to be a hard game!’ is a memory of the excitement that I felt about it.”



The main focus point about Kei Nanameda’s character designs of Destroyer Trillion was to make characters instantly recognizable by their silhouettes. Since the game takes place in the Underworld, another theme that Nanameda had in mind was to give the designs “a sense of an Underworld smell”.


“One more thing… since the game has more of a serious worldview, in order for the drawings to be a better fit, I faced all kinds of challenges as far as illustrations go, such as the characters’ heads and bodies, the amount of designs, finishing effects, and much more, so it’d really make me happy if you get to see that in Destroyer Trillion.”


Next, the artist shares a little bit on which character was the most memorable to him.



“Of course I’m attached to all the characters, but if I had to pick one, then perhaps I’d go with Faust,” says Nanameda. “Actually, out of all the characters in Destroyer Trillion, Faust’s design was the very first one that was decided upon. You can say that we used Faust as the source which connected to all the other characters afterwards, so her existence was very important.”


Finally, Nanameda shares a message for fans:


“The game isn’t just about the ‘verge of death’ but has become a passionate title with feelings at every turn. The scenarios that will make you shed tears are definitely worth seeing. There have been many times where I got teary-eyed while drawing the CGs. Of course there are moments of laughter and lovey-dovey scenes, too, so please look forward to it. At the moment, the staff are putting their feelings into making the game play as smoothly as possible, so we’d be happy if you could wait just a little longer.”


Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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