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Destroyer Trillion Introduces An Angel Character, Along With A New Trailer



In Destroyer Trillion the underworld is in trouble after the main antagonist wreaked havoc, and the the main character Zeablos will do everything he can to take him and his one trillion HP down. The game’s latest trailer shows a recap of its features along with some new footage.


The video starts out with a brief introduction of the game’s story, where they show Zeablos, the demon that got defeated by Trillion, demanding to know why he got revived by Faust.

Next, they show a look at some of the characters approaching encounters against the antagonist with one trillion HP, and how you’ll have to fight him using skills and strategies in several phases throughout the game.


We then get to see more from the six sinful Demon Lord girls, who’ll be there to help and fight alongside Zeablos. You can read more about hem in our earlier report.


At 2:45, they show us a little bit more from the training dungeon called the “Valley of the Thousand Blades,” where you’ll send characters at the cost of “Training Medals” to grind and become stronger for the main fight.


While in this dungeon, you’ll have a certain limit of time, so you’ll want to defeat demon beasts and explore as much as possible. In addition to getting massive amounts of experience points, the dungeon contains Demon Markings for upgrading weapons, and other rare items and equipment.


Additionally, the official website shared a look at some new screenshots, including  details on a new angel character named Uriel.




Uriel was previously an enemy of the demons, and is one of the four major angels that serve God. He fell down to the underworld with wounds all over his body, but has then recovered thanks to Elma’s devoted nursing. It is said that he reveals a shocking truth.


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The limited edition version of Destroyer Trillion features a special box, soundtrack disc, and a set of seven short stories. Meanwhile, you preordering the game will get you a special visual book featuring all kinds of artwork for the game.


Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan on May 21, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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