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Destroyer Trillion On How To Fight The Boss With 1,000,000,000,000 HP



We haven’t heard much from Compile Heart’s upcoming PlayStation Vita title, Destroyer Trillion, since it got delayed last year, but the official website recently updated with some new information on the game’s main antagonist, who actually has one trillion HP.



As Trillion goes around wrecking the underworld, he’ll go into a temporary “dormant” state. While he’s dormant, you’ll use the limited time to train the Demon Lords. Once Trillion wakes up again, the Demon Lords will put their lives on the line to try stopping him, once again.



The game has a “simultaneous turn system,” where both the Demon Lords and enemies will take action at the same time. It’s a mix that uses a strategy game’s grid-based system as a base, but with real-time characteristics to go with it.


Trillion will always bring along several of his servants and you’ll need to take them out, starting with the “frontline” servants that will be closest to the party. The fights will consist of avoiding hits from Trillion while taking on his defenses and seeing how much damage you can do.


Trillion’s servants come in four different types:


  • Dashing Type: These have high attack, and actively aim to annihilate any foes.


  • Long-Ranged Attack Type: These will always try to keep a distance away from their enemies while shooting long-ranged attacks.


  • Supporting Recovery Type: They’ll heal and support the other servants.


  • Impregnable Defense Type: Very high defense, and they’ll defend Trillion and his surrounding.



All of Trillion’s moves will have certain notifications to go with them. It’ll show the skill, its attack range, and the number of turns until it activates. From there, you’ll have the choice to escape, defend, or fight it off with a skill.



While you might not be able to take out Trillion and his one trillion HP right away, you’ll get to destroy parts of his armor that have their own sets of HP. By destroying other parts of Trillion, you’ll be able to momentarily stop him from using skills, making it a key part of fighting him off.



Fighting Trillion will require a lot of work and non-stop attacking. In order to help out, the Demon Lords will also have their own servants to come help out in battle. While we still don’t know exactly how they’ll help out, it sounds like we’ll need all the help we can get.



By establishing new memories among the Demon Lords, you’ll create new powers of bond called “Feeling Points”. While fighting Trillion, these points can replace HP and MP when taking damage or using skills, so it’ll be a good idea to stock up on these as much as possible.


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When Demon Lords die, they can activate a skill called the “Way of Dying Skill”. There are many of these skills, and you’ll get to choose out of the many a character has acquired. They’re all quite unique, and are said to be very powerful.


Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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