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Destroyer Trillion Shows How You’ll Power Up To Challenge The Big Boss



Considering that Destroyer Trillion’s main boss actually has one trillion HP, you’ll need to gear up and grind in order to take him on periodically throughout the entire game. Compile Heart shares an idea on how it’ll be done, in their latest video for the Vita title.


In Destroyer Trillion’s latest video, the demon lord Perpell makes an appearance to show us the overall flow of the game. First, you’ll need to find ways to get experience points to power up your characters before taking on Trillion.


There are different ways to get experience points, but the most common way is by gaining experience points in training area. With the acquired experience, you’ll get to increase various parameter stats.


If you perform well and achieve “Super Great Success” in training mode, you can get something called “Training Medals,” which can then be spent to challenge the “Valley of the Thousand Blades,” which is like a roguelike training dungeon.


Once you’re in the Valley of the Thousand Blades, you can find rare equipment and items. There are also Demon Markings that can be acquired here, used to upgrade weapons.


By having demon lords interact amongst each other, they’ll gain points that come from bonding. These points can also be exchanged for additional HP and MP for the characters.


Additionally, weapons can be upgraded at the Blacksmith’s for a small fee. This is where you’ll use Demon Markings to add special effects to the weapons. Weapons can have up to eight slots for Demon Markings, which can be unlocked for some Gold.


The item shop will provide you with useful items that you’ll need to get far in the fight against Trillion. There’s also a training dummy that simulates the fight against Trillion, so you can get a good idea on where you stand before taking on the actual boss.


Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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