DESYNC Tracks How Stylish Your Gunplay Is, So Keep It Intense



DESYNC is intense in color and action. It’s a game that encourages to play it dangerously and creatively as you shoot down unpredictable enemies with a range of explosive firepower and supporting side-arms.


The core part of DESYNC is its “Attack Sequences”, which do extra damage and bring in bonus effects to boot, too. Essentially, they’re combos but rather than being told how to perform them you have to discover them for yourself. Launching enemies off the ground, blasting them in the air, and switching weapons while dashing to an aerial position yourself may be one of these sequences.


Once you’ve found one, it’s then logged into your AS-Journal so that you can recall how to chain it together once again if you forget. It’ll come in handy especially when fighting tougher enemies that possess special items that can only be countered with certain Attack Sequences.


According to developer FOREGONE, DESYNC tracks all of your actions, from movement mobility to mouse movement patterns and attack variety. It uses this information to determine how well you’re performing, which is then used to generate the difficulty and behavior of new enemies, as well as the paths and secrets hidden in the environment.


Tracking your movements is also used to figure out how well you’re scoring and when you deserve multipliers, too. This means that you really need to vary up moves, aim to be stylish, and keep up a fast pace to do well in the game. The side-arms help towards this as they inflict special effects on enemies that can alter your playstyle.


DESYNC is currently in pre-alpha, so everything that you see in screenshots and footage is subject to change. Despite that, it’s already caught my eye with its chunky polygons and vivid use of color. You can vote for it to come to Steam on Greenlight and find more information about it on its website.

Chris Priestman