More Details Emerge About Street Fighter IV Arena



We’ve got more details courtesy of ThisisGame on Street Fighter IV Arena. The mobile game is a collaboration between Capcom and Nexon.


It actually doesn’t look half bad. Judging by the gameplay video, it seems it’ll play out like a regular fighting game, though there are social mobile phone elements also added to the mix. You can see that Ryu appears to have some bonuses in his gauge. More on that in a bit.


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There will be multiple versions of the same character selectable, if you manage to obtain them. Another video at the site shows off the character gacha buying system. As a mobile game, this is sort of expected, and you can see two different versions of Crimson Viper in the shots above with significant stat differences.


This means characters will all have different stat growths, which you’ll need to level up using in-game gold or the in-app gem system. Gold and gems can also be used to boost their attack, hyper combo meter and other such stuff. We’re not sure how this is balanced out against those who don’t choose to use such boosts.


There’s also an additional Challenge Mode, where you can fight against foes with specific ranks. Beating them nets you bonus points and badges, as well as gold.


Every week, the top 99 ranked players for Street Fighter IV Arena will also be entered into a Master League Tournament to duke it out. The replays can be watched by anyone interested in seeing how the best get at it.


Street Fighter IV Arena is currently in closed beta.