deusex Square Enix had a feature panel on Deus Ex: Human Revolution during GDC. In addition to confirming the new name, which we first mentioned in early February, Johnathan Jacques-Belletete outlined two metaphors that define the game.


– The Icarus Myth

– The Renaissance


The Icarus Myth was chosen since it was an early description of transhumanism. Adam, the game’s protagonist, is transhuman and his cybernetic implants are clearly visible. The Renaissance was chosen because it was a period when man was understood their body. Elements from this period, notably clothing and building designs are used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam has a baroque pattern on his trench coat. Concept art for a few female characters showed lavish frilly dresses. One particular model also had cybernetic legs.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the cyberpunk series. We’re meeting with the team tomorrow so if you have any Deus Ex: Human Revolution questions post them in the comments.

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