Nintendo 3DS

Developer Alchemist Have A Penguin’s Troubles


Alchemist, who are known for games such as Girls Fashion Shoot and Model Stylish Audition: Dream Girl, seem to have grabbed the license for the A Penguin’s Troubles series away from Konami.


The series stars a pretty comical penguin called Beckham Kinoshita (No relation to David Beckham). Now that they have the license, Alchemist are intending to launch a new Nintendo 3DS board-game videogame called A Penguin’s Trouble: Explosive Victory Roulette Battle on March 13th.


It’s likely the license for the series lapsed and Konami decided not to renew it, as the last game we saw from the series was back in 2011, and Alchemist are now coming in as its new holders.


Based on past experience, the game will likely be filled with funny gags. The trailer site also suggests that there will be some form of card game mechanic included as well while traveling the board.


A Penguin’s Troubles: Explosive Victory Roulette Battle will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan March 13th.