Veteran independent game developer Puppygames had announced a new project in a recent blog post about their financial troubles. Called Basingstoke, they are hoping to make the game in roughly four months, before they run out of what little money they have in the bank.


Basingstoke is an arcade roguelike with crafting, no hitpoints, and instant death. Much of the game involves trying to get as far away from the town of Basingstoke, and you accomplish this by sneaking, distracting, surprising, and running away from your enemies at every opportunity.


basingstoke-02 basingstoke-03 basingstoke-04 basingstoke-05


Puppygames had been working on a free game called Battledroid for some time now, and the reality of their situation had forced their hands to put that game on hold until their cash flow problems can be sorted out.


A playable build of Basingstoke should be ready sometime in October, so fans of Puppygames’ previous projects should keep an eye out it.

Tim Wee

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