Developer Suggests Steam Is Cracking Down On Uncensor Patch Information


galaxy girls


On Steam, people can find listings for censored versions of adult games. Some of these have patches that can be applied that restore them to their original versions. For example, the Nekopara entries installments on Steam are censored, but someone could spend $9.99 at the Denpasoft website to purchase a patch for Nekopara Vol. 3 to restore it to its original state. Galaxy Girls is another such game, but a Dharker Studio representative said they can not provide information on such patches due to a directive from Valve.


This issue came up in a post on Galaxy Girls’ Steam Discussion Board. Someone had downloaded the uncensor patch from Dharker Studios’ official website and was asking for instructions on how to use it. The Dharker Studios representative came in and said, “Steam reps have told us that they no longer allow any information or links to the uncensored patches on steam, so they all had to be removed. We will gradually be updating our own website with info on how to install the patch.”


Steam has not released any official comment on this issue as of yet. People who prefer adult versions of games to all ages releases may want to investigate further when making purchases.

Jenni Lada
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