Developers Creating Famicom Cart For Sidescroller Haunted Halloween ‘86



Retrotainment Games, having made their stretch goals during their Kickstarter campaign for sidescrolling action/horror game Haunted Halloween ‘86: The Curse of Possum Hollow, will be releasing a Japanese translation of it on Famicom cartridges.




Haunted Halloween ‘86 stars Donny and Tami, two kids who are unafraid to punch zombies, ghosts, and ghouls until their home town is safe. As a sequel to Haunted Halloween ‘85, it adds new move, a tag team system that lets players use the abilities of both kids, interactive objects, new enemies, and an expanded storyline that tells more of the world’s backstory.




The Kickstarter campaign was designed to allow the developers to release Haunted Halloween ‘86 on NES cartridges like its predecessor. When they smashed their initial goal of $5000, the developers added a stretch goal for a Japanese Famicom cart release, meeting it as well.




Haunted Halloween ‘86 is expected to release in October of 2016.

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