Development Of Unsung Story Has Been Put On Hold



Playdek, the company behind Unsung Story, which is meant to be the next strategy-RPG from Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno, have put development of the game on hold.


In the latest Kickstarter update, Playdek says that it recently lost “a few key staff members” who were working on Unsung Story, and as a result, progress on the game has been impacted. In fact, it seems it has come to a halt.


“We now have one internal team capable of working on a single project, and for the financial strength of the company we need to focus on a few products in the near term that have the ability to get to a retail release before Unsung Story is able to,” Playdek said.


The plan is to raise money by having this single team focus on products it can get out quicker in hopes of getting the company back on its feet. Unsung Story will remain in limbo during this time while Playdek explores having a third party team assist on its development.


“While we aren’t assured this will come to fruition, we do want to make sure that we are exploring any options at hand that can make progress on the game,” added Playdek.


The final part of the update clarified that, at the moment, no timeline for Unsung Story’s development and release can be given. Playdek also apologized for the lack of recent updates and for this latest news. It also says that more progress updates will be given as soon as possible.


Playdek successfully raised $660,126 on Kickstarter on February 15th 2014 for the development of Unsung Story.

Chris Priestman